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Daily talkingbaws FIFA Cup for PS4 entry

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There are only 32 places available in the Daily talkingbaws FIFA Cup for PS4 - scheduled to kick off at 6.30pm, Tuesday, 12th May, 2020.

It will be group format, with everyone playing at least three games before the knockout stages. Entrants will be able to select their own team that they will play with throughout the competition.

If entry is filled, the prize for winning will be £45. If it isn't filled, prize will be dependant on how many entrants.

To enter, we need your entry fee paid before the tournament kicks off as well as all of this information:

- Instagram username
- Discord username

You can input these details in the Notes section when checking out. If you've been recommended by a friend, just enter their full name in the Notes section and they'll get their next tournament free.

Once entered, you will receive further details via email.

Note: You need account owner's permission if buying under the age of 16.